Remember how well you slept on your last vacation?

"Warming your feet can speed up your trip to dreamland."
U.s. National sleep Foundation


Remember how well you slept during your last vacation? Warmth can be so restful!
A bed featuring Caldai´i technology is the best of both worlds: generating classic warmth while using smart modern technology.

„My feet are always cold, especially when I go to bed. Could I have a problem with my circulation?“
Question for the Harvard Medical School
Harvard Mens Health Watch
„Experiencing cold feet is normal from time to time. Changes in temperature, as well as health and lifestyle choices, are some of the most common causes of cold feet.“
Medical News Today
Professionel Journal

FAll in love with our features

Seamlessly integrated

No A/C or ventilation needed in or next to your bed. Caldai’I technology emits no noise, no vibration it’s just a small piece of band in the foot-zone connected to low-power.

Amazingly responsive

Change the temperature manually yourself or let an algorithm in the app do it for you.

Minimized voltage

Afraid of having a direct connection from your socket to the bed? Caldai’I technology creates heat from low power, based on state-of-the-art materials. The power from your laptop charger is enough.

Charmingly personalized

You can not only choose your warmness level individually – you can also set warmness by the hour or depending on your wake-up time.

Immediate warmness

Caldai’I technology is so quick. Within seconds a stable 2D heat surface is activated. You want heat? You get heat.

Easy to use technology

No complex installation needed. Caldai´i comes already implemented in your bed.


Seamlessly integrated

Caldai´i is able to instantly warm your feet. A state-of-the-art thin layer, using just low voltage,  generates a quick heat effect unknown before. For more warmth during your sleep the app will guide the Caldai´i technology to generate exactly the heat needed.

A Smart mattress layer heats the feet zone of the bed.
"No more cold feets. I am sure not to be 
the only one who had this problem"
Happy CALDAI´I Customer

Easy to use technology

CALDAI´I is an easy to use experience, since the warming bands are integrated into the mattress. You just have to choose your comfortable warmness.

charmingly personalized

CALDAI´I enables you to heat the bed with personalized levels of warmness. Find your right level of warmness and fall asleep faster.

Minimized voltage

amazingly responsive

CALDAI´I is fully digital enabled.
The CALDAI´I App enables you to control the warmness dynamically and to interact with your bed. Always up to date.

Get your Caldai´i enabled bed now and bring your vacation home!
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